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Author: Meredith Louise Swift 
Publisher: Meredith Swift Author 
Genre: Christian Inspirational 
Availability: Available Now! 
ISBN: 978-0648507314 


A Beautiful and Transformational Journey of the Heart

Do you feel lost and isolated, as though you don't matter?

Do you feel tired and stressed, in need of replenishment and refreshment?

Do you want to find out more about the One who loves you more deeply, and knows you more thoroughly, than you could ever imagine?

Do you want to find out practical ways to grow your faith and walk more closely with Jesus?
Written during recovery from an extremely challenging time in the author Meredith's life, this book records her communications with the Lord Jesus.
Presented as a devotional and packed with Scriptures, this book is perfect for reading in bite sized "chunks" - to guide, uplift and encourage.

Take this unforgettable and inspiring journey where there is soothing, replenishment and the deep love of the Lord Jesus, the One who came to set the captives free!



















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